About Salt Ice

Salt ice, made from a combination of freshwater and refined salt, freezes below 0 degrees celsius. Because it is colder than normal ice, salt ice enables you to chill your products faster and longer, even in the heat of the day.

Salt ice is also the best type of ice for quickly bringing fish to their optimum preservation temperature (0 degrees). To be truly first-rate, fish must be kept at 0 degrees from the point they are caught until they are sold at the market/grocery store. This is why professional fishermen always choose salt ice.

North Ice is Whangarei's sole producer of flaked salt ice. Flaked Salt Ice, as opposed to ice cubes or blocks, has the advantage that it cools faster - due to its larger surface area - and does not damage delicate fish flesh. This enables fish to arrive at the market, and on your plate, with the highest possible visual appeal.

Flaked Salt Ice also lasts longer in chilly bins. Here it can be used to entirely surround food and beverages so that they are thoroughly chilled; or, in the case of storage, preserved longer.

If you have questions about how flaked salt ice can improve your business, or your holiday catch, feel free to us a call at 027 432 2023 or email us.

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